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About Me

Nick & Alyssa Nick & Alyssa Nick & Alyssa

Hello! I am currently a software engineer with Erias Ventures. I have been working within the Intelligence Community for over 7 years and have a great amount of experience in intelligence analysis and national security systems. I was also in the Marine Corps as an ELINT/All Source Analyst! I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Networking and Cybersecurity in 2020 and my Master's in Software Engineering in 2023, both from the University of Maryland. I enjoy frontend development, especially working with JavaScript and web application frameworks. If you have any questions, please ask!

Creating robust and easy-to-understand documentation is what I do best. While teaching myself to program, along with my daily work as a technical writer, I have learned how important well written documentation is! Being able to convey a message to a wide-range of people is more difficult than you would think. Making sure you are writing at a level and tone that makes it so the most basic users can understand, while not insulting the advanced users' intelligence, can be quite the challenge. I created this docs website for my programming notes and random projects. I also have a blog that I update sporadically, which can be found here.

Random Projects


TriviaDart is a simple Trivia web application that utilizes both the Open Trivia DB and The Trivia API, which both offer generous free API usage. TriviaDart also has an in-house API that has over 45,000 trivia questions. Currently, there are no options available for these questions, but this will be added in the future. The in-house API utilizes Supabase. is a soccer live score web application built using Nodejs, ExpressJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Soccerfront pulls data from the API-FOOTBALL API and displays the information in an easy-to-use live score table and league table (standings) view. Currently, over 20 leagues/cups are supported! This is an ongoing project and new features will be added sporadically. Hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet running Linux and NGINX.

Custom Keyboard Builds

Below are some keyboards I have built!

Custom Keyboards

KeyChron K2 Pro - Milky Yellows

Glorious Pro - Silks

Akrylic - Black Inks

Canon Keys Devastating TKL

Canon Keys Satisfaction R2

Canon Keys Obliterated

Canoe PC - Gateron Ink Yellow

Custom Acrylic - Gateron Ink Blacks

TX-87 - C³Equalz X TKC Banana Splits

Satisfaction 75 - Zealios V2

K75 - Gateron Ink Blacks

Canon Keys Devastating TKL - Tealios

Mysterium - Kailh Purple Pro


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