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How to Install Google Chrome

Before you download Google Chrome, you should check and make sure that your device's operating system (OS) is supported. As of April 2020, Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. For more information on Chrome system requuirements, please see this Google Help documentation.

To begin the installation process, users must visit the following Google Chrome download page.

To install Google Chrome, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the following Google Chrome download page and click on Download Chrome.
    alt text
  2. Click on Save File, when prompted
    alt text
  3. Locate the save .exe file in your Downloads folder. This can be found by clicking the downloads button in your browser or going to Windows Explorer and locating the location downloaded files populate. Run the ChromeSetup.exe file
  4. If there is a Security Warning popup, click on Run.
    alt text
  5. Chrome should immediately begin installation.
    alt text
  6. Chrome should now be installed! After installation, Chrome should open immediately and present a welcome screen. From here, you can click on Get Started or Already a Chrome user? Sign in. Clicking on Get Started will begin an initial setup, where you can add bookmarks to various Google applications (e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc.), pick a browser background image, and set Chrome as your device's default browser. Clicking on Already a Chrome user? Sign in will take you to a Google sign in page where you can link your browser to your Google account.
    alt text
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