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  • - Soccerfront is a soccer live score web application built using Nodejs, ExpressJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Soccerfront pulls data from the API-FOOTBALL API and displays the information in an easy-to-use live score table and league table (standings) view. Currently, over 20 leagues/cups are supported! This is an ongoing project and new features will be added sporadically. Hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet running Linux and NGINX.

  • Personal Documentation Website - A fully searchable and robust documentation site built using Material for MKDocs and written in Markdown. Multiple additional JavaScript modules, such as an image light gallery and scroll-to-top button added. Created to help facilitate personal learning and retain all information from books and classes attended. Hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet running Linux and Apache. You are on this site now!

  • Installation Guide Example - Firefox (2018) The goal of this guide is to inform a user to properly download, install, setup, and personalize Mozilla Firefox. This guide includes an overview of Mozilla Firefox, a how-to for proper setup, general use instructions, and personalization run through. Screenshots are also included to aid the user for ease of reading. This document was created in a technical writing class I took at University of Maryland Global Campus in 2018.

  • Release Notes Example - Firefox (2020) Release notes from the most recent Firefox 75.0 release on April, 07 2020. As a product evolves over time, having a historical log of these changes, improvements, and fixes helps tell your users what has changed and how it affects the overall program. The wording from these release notes were taken from Mozilla's release notes page and reformatted to what might be sent out to users in an email form. Multiple pages of reference materials were included in a single document to show basic changes to advanced developer changes.

  • User Guide Example - Google Chrome (2020) User Guides/Manuals are extremely important for professional communication of business goals/features. User guides can include instructions, tips, FAQs, images, videos, etc., depending on what information is deemed most critical for efficient use of the program. In this User Guide example, I go over basic functionality of Google Chrome. Installation, initial setup, personalization, and advanced use are discussed in detail for all user types.


  • Custom Keyboard PCB with Switch Slot Callouts

  • Table Example

  • Instruction Example

  • Graphic Example

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